Khanna Construction + Management

Enhance and protect your investment property!

Your Property, Exceptional Care

Increase the Value of Your Home or Investment Property with Our Expert Construction Management Services.

Your property is our priority! Continued maintenance and upkeep should always be at the top of any owner’s mind. Khanna Construction + Management delivers professional construction development services to our investors and landlords throughout the Southern Ontario.

We specialize in single-family homes, multi-family units, and commercial buildings. Whether your project is a small update, renovating century-old buildings, or a ground-up new build you can count on us. Your project will be carefully implemented along all stages: permitting, demolition, planning, design, implementation, and finally, grand opening!

On time and under budget, our team of experts will meet your expectations fully. Working with Khanna Construction + Management makes the process stress-free. We provide first-rate resources through every step of project development. Enjoy a cost-effective, collaborative approach. We leverage our extensive sub-contractor relationships to deliver superior results every time. Watch as curb appeal skyrockets with us as your partner!

Planning + Modernizing

Update your property with proper planning and save thousands on your heating, cooling, water and electricity bill

Proper planning and knowledge of new technology is key when starting any project. Leverage Khanna Construction + Management over 20 years of experience to make any renovation or new build a breeze during construction and for years to come during your ownership. We have made is a priority to, at the very least, make sure our clients know about all available renewable or zero emittance technology that are available to them. By partnering with Khanna Management, you are partnering with industry leaders and innovators with of goal of providing clean, pollution free living for everyone.

Routine Management

Safety and property value grow hand in hand through routine investment property maintenance.

Each investment property is unique and requires a little (or a lot) of routine maintenance. Khanna Construction + Management understands that safe, well-kept spaces command higher rents and generate more profits.

We quickly respond to all tenant requests and keep each property on a scheduled preventative service calendar. 

General Contracting

Khanna Management is your go to manager!

Khanna Management, in partnership with Cougar Construction and Development Inc. (Formally CCDi) has created a one-stop, no headache solution for all investors. While Khanna Management can work with any contractors that our clients may have, we believe our combined abilities can show dramatic saving both in upfront construction cost, and in long term operating cost. We will guide your project from beginning to end!

Reliable hands-off investment experience for you

For over two decades Khanna Management Services has been a trusted partner for real estate investors all over the Great Toronto Area. We’ve seen it all – and learned from it! Let our experienced team of property and construction management professionals create a reliable hands-off investment experience for you.