About us

How do we do what we do?

KMS creates steady income streams for clients by making the rental real estate process easy.

When you’ve worked in the GTA market as long as we have, you’ve seen it all (and learned from it)! For over twenty years KMS has been managing, developing, and renovating all types of investment properties. Allow us to save you time and money as we leverage our experience on your behalf. From 100-year-old historic apartment buildings to commercial units and single-family homes, our mentality never changes: clients first. 

We are a full-service property management and construction maintenance company. Working with KMS means you can leave the details to us and stop worrying about calls at midnight. Considering an upgrade to your property? We handle all types of construction projects from small upgrades to large-scale general contracting. Enjoy reliable, stress-free income as we manage and maintain your property. Then, watch as we provide detailed financial reporting on the growth of your asset.


No matter which side of the company you choose to work with, your needs will be our priority. We are open to managing all properties, regardless of whether or not we have an existing development relationship. Our goal is to under-promise and over-deliver every time!


We take pride in delivering on our promises. Generating trust through open, honest communication is a pillar of Khanna Groups’ success. We will never take advantage of your trust in us.


Our best efforts separately will never be a great as working together with a great team of partners. Together, our network of trusted sub-contractors, agents, and colleagues is what separates our service model from the rest.  

Maximize your investment, minimize headaches!

We do it through learning. Our transparent management style is welcoming and open. When you combine the best team with the best policies and procedures you have Khanna Management Services’ proven management method.

We offer resources to landlords and investors that not only allow them to earn more on their investments but also manage costs and modernize. Both landlords and tenants alike expect responsive management and a clients-first mindset. As a client, you are part of our family. We will work diligently to deliver long-term reliable results because your success – is our success!

Our team of professionals has been leading the Greater Toronto Area with world-class service and results for over two decades.